Thursday, September 5, 2013

Regrets of life-2

Other regrets include not spending time with your family, making the wrong choices when you know that there was no way back. My biggest regret is that I was unable to see my father on his death bed since I was in the United States and he was in his home country. And this regret will remain with me for the rest of my life. And as you know you may have a list of top level regrets that you may have with your life. And once you have done something you don’t have time to do cost and benefits analysis right away but later on even a day or hours after that chore is done and it was time or money sensitive and you lose something on it, then the feeling of regret sinks in and stays for days after. Do you ever get over your regrets? May some do if the costs and expenses is lower. But if the pain is huge and irreversible then your regrets lasts way longer and hurts as well. And since we don’t know the future, we can only come to regret our decisions, once the decisions have been implemented and its affect felt. But no matter what an exemplary life that we lead, there will always be some decisions where you will come to regret that if you had done differently, the outcome would have been more favorable to your liking. And that is the regret we will always have as one of our regrets in life.

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