Monday, September 2, 2013

Tracking your shopping habits

I just started to look at some stuff intensely for a few times and lo and behold, now I open up some sites and I see ads for similar stuffs on that website. It is creepy that they know what I am looking for or even interested in and they track this habit and tailor the ads to my interest. Is it okay? No. Is it preventable, I am not sure about it but it is disturbing that what you have just looked on one site reverberates to all the sites that I visit frequently? And you have read news also that now the retailers are tracking you in store which they had been doing anyway before by asking for your email or your phone number and as through loyalty cards where you get discounts and special promotions. And we are willing guinea pigs in these experiments as we happily give away our information just to get some deals. Unless we stop shopping and completely go incognito, we will always be tracked by the retailers so that they can tailor their products to our needs. Even websites where you usually buy your stuff shows you what is similar to the products that you last purchased displayed prominently when you open that website. It is really astonishing how the retailers have perfected this art by tracking the habit even of their infrequent customers. I don’t even have to mention how they track the buying habits of their frequent buyers and it is happening all over the world and even in countries where the internet is not that powerful, retailers have been tracking their customers even without their knowledge. And this tracking keeps on increasing day by day and we don’t know or are unwilling to escape from this tracking.

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