Thursday, September 26, 2013

Burial vs. cremation

I know nobody wants to talk about being dead or dying one day but that is one of the truest realities of life that you will have to face and then if you are not here, you need to make sure in advance what you want others to do with your body. Sometimes it is a non issue since in some religions cremation (meaning burning the dead body) is forbidden or never comes up and even if the religion specifically forbids it, your loved ones still assumes that you will want to get buried. I am saying this because in the United States it has become an issue of money, where to get the funds to do the burial. Although for me it seems disgusting (just like the issue of having a kid because they cost too much). If your loved ones have taken care of you all your life, why is that when they die, you start to fret about money issues when it times to come for their final resting place? But people forget about these things and try to have as much less financial effect on them as possible and so the rise of this cremation which obviously will cost less maybe thousands of dollars less. As far as my opinion goes, I hundred percent favor the burial for the obvious reason that I want my loved ones to pray for my soul and visit my grave from time to time since it will be my final resting place and ultimately it is not your body that you decide what to do with it. Body is just a vessel that is carrying your soul and once it leaves the vessel, your soul goes away but we don’t have to burn the body just so that we save some money. I know burial is the expensive but can't you do this final ritual for your loved ones regardless of expenses. And since nobody knows for certain they will go to heaven or hell, why to create hell on earth for one's body. With cremation you just have ashes and even those are sometimes blown or thrown way in the sea or up in the air. Do you have the right to do that all by yourself and if the will says that they should be cremated then you cannot do anything about it but if you have a choice go with the burial option, you would not regret it.

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