Thursday, September 19, 2013

Can we ever reduce inequality?

The answer is a big maybe (but even I am not sure of it) because we see so much inequality that we tend to ignore it and keep on going on with our lives. And I cannot blame people because everybody is in a survival mode and if you are struggling to support your family (and sometimes your relatives) how can you think about reducing equality even one person at a time. You see ads on television and appeal by different charities for food, money and donations so that they can help the needy in their desperate times. Even after the U.S. and the rest of the world gives hundreds of billions of dollars in charity to help the poor, the inequality is increasing. This can be evident by the fact that poverty levels have gone up in several parts of the world and even the richest countries of the world like the U.S. and the Oil giants of the Middle East are struggling to reduce inequality. Is the population growing too quickly or is the concentration of wealth so much in some areas that inequality is inevitable? I can say that both maybe the causes but if you see that China has a huge population and they have successfully reduced inequality in their midst as compared to other countries by sound economic policies. Some people will say that China is an exception and it is a totalitarian state but if we can go past this political rhetoric and study the ways poverty and inequality can be reduced we can go a long way. If there is a will, there can definitely a way to find ways to reduce inequality. Just throwing money and not knowing how it is being utilized is no recipe for this great injustice to humanity. Sound government fiscal and monetary policies are needed along with peace and security to achieve this goal.

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