Friday, September 20, 2013

On the Business path: Full time Vs. Part time-3

Now after you have found out the financial and emotional pitfalls and advantages of taking your business full time. I will now to come to what if you want to pursue it part time. Is it feasible or not? Although the experts say that you should focus full time to your business once it starts to generate income, these same experts say that you should work full time if you want to see your business grow faster. But what about if you cannot become a full time owner and you are afraid of the risks and uncertainties with starting a business where you may not see any income for a few months (or years for that matter). What if you are not ready to take a plunge and you want to just wet your feet to see if it is practical for you and if you have the right kind of attitude to be your own boss? There can be many reasons that you will not want to go full time initially and opt for the safer part time option. It can be that you don’t have sufficient funds with you to start your business, there is opposition from your family, fear of losing whatever money you have if your venture fails, you are not sure if what you started is the right business, you don’t want to sacrifice your leisure time, you have enough money to be somebody else's employee, you don’t have the positive attitude to pursue anything on your own, you are afraid of uncertainties, you are secure that you get your paycheck regularly and don’t have to worry about where you will get your next one, every customer will be your boss and you cannot or don’t want to handle that, you don’t want to work hard enough to change your life and countless others that an individual person may have to avoid this path.

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