Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The war on terror-Pakistan 0, Terrorists 1 (or more)

As you may have already read my last post on Pakistan’s answer to the so called "war on Terror" and I wrote that you should stay tuned for the next step. So here I am again staying tuned did not take too long as immediately after the Government of Pakistan "surrendered to the Warriors of Islam" that they killed a major general and a lieutenant colonel of the Pakistan Army. And the response from the government too bad and life goes on. The government is so week that it has completely surrender its authority over vast area of land to these so called Taliban and only time they protest is when the U.S. sends a drone to kill some of them. It is really pathetic to see that the people along with the government of Pakistan has decided to live in a state of fear and denial and then talk about fighting and liberating Kashmir when they don’t have the will to fight a small group of people with hand held weapons. The only thing the government can do is to offer condolences and empty anger because they don’t want to solve this problem. Because maybe one of the reasons is that it is not affecting the heart of the country mainly its Punjab province from where the overwhelming majority of the military comes from. It is surprising that how money and fear of life corrupts everybody and how the government is just there as a showcase since the slogan of sovereignty was long time gone away with the surrendering of the land to these so called "True" warriors of Islam.

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