Thursday, September 19, 2013

The injustices that people ignore

Are we unjust beings? By the way we look around; it certainly gives the impression that we are unjust to our fellow human beings. We see so many injustices happening around but until it affects us personally we tend to ignore it. And some injustice has been done to us then we go to extremes to make sure that we get justice and things are done the way it should be. And to be fair, we do raise our voices when we know that an injustice has been done, but our voices and protests are shaped by the media that we consume every day. Until some issue does not become very hot to handle, we keep quiet and we are waiting for someone to lead our way to undo that injustice. And it is also true that we have limited time on our hands and so we cannot protest injustices everywhere, so we selectively try to protest when there is a huge gap between a crime or issue and the injustice being done. There are so many injustices going on daily around the world that in our busy lives we lose track of it. We read it feel pity for it and then move on. There are so many crimes that the culprits get away with that we start to think that why that is happening and if something could be done but then our own problems come in between and we get busy with them. We would never be able to provide justices to all the people but at least the major ones we as a society we should make sure that the culprits of the crimes get what they deserve and for that to happen, we need a speedy and quick justice system which we are lacking since we try to make deals with people who deserve more time but due to deals escape justice. This should not be the case but it is happening and so the injustice goes on.

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