Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Doing Favors to GOD

This statement should not be even arising but I have seen in movies and also in public that if they do something good then GOD should pay in kind or do them a favor too. Does GOD really care if you do favors to him? I mean if he has created all creatures and this universe and the heaven and hell so what kind of favor that we can possibly do to get him to do favors for us. But as human beings we think that GOD likes to have favors and so we do the same to him as we do to our fellow human beings and act them we need to please (doing favors) to him so that he can also do favors to us. Although if we do good deeds we will be rewarded but if you are going to word it in terms of doing favors than it does not work like that. Whenever we pray, do good deeds we do it for ourselves. When we go to a mosque, church, synagogue, temple, shrine or whatever place of worship, we do it for ourselves and to seek redemption because there is a purpose we are here in this world other angels were enough to carry on the work of GOD. Although for some people this post may seems like alien to them because they may not believe in the Supreme Being but if they reflect this world can work perfectly and in completely harmony without somebody running it. So instead of doing favors to GOD and asking some favors from him right away, we should just pray that things go our way, work hard and honest and leave the final outcome to GOD.

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