Wednesday, September 11, 2013

World of Finance-2

Even if you are not making financial decisions, the world of financial is so linked that a decision made by some stranger, government or entity can have unintended affects far from their place of implementation. Be it real estate, college student loans, stock market, mortgages, home equity line of credit, loans of all types and shapes, bills and name anything else and finance is there. You can say that money does not buy anything and that is true to a certain extent but you do need money and some financial sense to figure out your own finances and the world of finance so that you are not caught off guard if you happen to need money for your needs. And I have noticed and read that even with the financial crisis; people are still clueless about this most crucial aspect of their lives that what is going on in the financial world. This is surprising considering that fact that there are countless websites and magazines and information overload regarding how to manage your money and understand financial things. People are woefully ignorant about financial issues and the only thing they know is what they have in hand and what is going out. Even after spending so much money on financial advisers and in your face financial news, the regular person is very much ill informed about what is happening to his/her finances and to the financial world around them. Even blaming the people who have nothing to do with wall street but happen to work there in some other capacity blame them for what is wrong with the financial screw ups that comes along the way sometimes. So with this in mind, I decided that it is time I also put my input since with so many years of experience and education, I can be also qualified to state my opinion about everything financial

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