Thursday, September 26, 2013

The price of convenience

This I am talking about in terms of internet shopping and payment but can be used anywhere. When the internet was in its initial stages, users were lured it with freebies all the time but now the new trend is to charge a fee called convenience so that you don’t have to mail them the check and pay via internet instantly with a few clicks of the mouse. This is just another way of the price you are paying to sit on your behind and let computers work from you. And these kinds of fees are being increasingly used. You can give them any name you want but the truth is, it does not cost them 3, four or five dollars to just send the money to its destination, since computers and payment systems are fast and cheap. But with almost everything now being done via the internet, and the companies have to get more revenue somehow, they have come out with this fees. For normal like utilities and other online transactions the fees is not that much but when you want to pay for some concert ticket or other big ticket shows, you pay through the roof just because you are not standing in line waiting for hours to get your ticket. And instead of offering to people discount who pay you right away without waiting for the due date or before the event due date, you penalize them with this ridiculous and utterly necessary fees. And if you really want to charge them, then a normal one or two dollar will be tolerable not the high end fees that they are charging. Even the convenience fees in terms of using other bank’s ATM are going up slowly and steadily since you are paying for the convenience of not looking for your bank to save some money. I may agree to some fees but this is getting out of control.

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