Wednesday, September 18, 2013

On the Business path: An introduction-3

But as they say in Finance, there is high risk and higher return. And so is the case with Business, you sweat yourself and you risk so much stuff and then you gain very much as compared to other profession. But if you don’t look outlook for everything, you will lose everything. This is the nature of business and that is why many people don’t even go through this path witnessed by millions of people who are enrolled in colleges and their dream is to work for some big reputable company and very few want to be business person. And in business as compared to working for somebody else you really a master of all trades as you have to know everything related to business otherwise you would not survive much longer. Now before even thinking about starting a business you need to know if you want to full time owner or part time initially. But even before this you have to know if you have the aptitude and the stomach to go on your own or you want to just part of a company where you come in put in a day's work and then go home without any worries since you know that at the end of the pay check period you will get your pay check whether your company makes enough money or not since as long as the company is working, they will keep on paying you since you have earned your day's salary. The attitude is important because once you start, if you falter than it will take a long time to jump back into the field of business since your mind is already frozen from failure.

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