Friday, September 13, 2013

Blind Patriotism

You have seen them many times and in all places and even you might one of them and why shouldn't you be. Patriotism is good for the soul and for you and it is an honor that you sometimes proudly display. Be it an occasion for sports, war mongering, comparison between different countries and anything that will involve one's country, Patriotism is in full swing. People feel very proud about their country even if they can find some faults with its policies. Especially in sports you can see the height of this blind patriotism, where citizens of different countries clash when one team loses to another no matter if they are from the same religion. The tension and aggressiveness is very high in these games. And even when you are trying to defend your country, you see sometimes that people go overboard and property and sometimes killing also happens. And this feud between citizens escalates into accusations and fighting among nations. In every country there are patriotic people and then there are ultra nationalists who are the top of the heap. They believe (wrongly or rightly) that their country can do no wrong. They take it upon themselves as being the guardians of their countries culture, religion, borders and what not. They try to present solutions which do not have practical applications in the real world but they believe that once implemented their country will become utopia in a chaotic world. They look down upon even to their own people who they believe are not patriotic enough.

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