Friday, September 27, 2013

The terror attacks in Kenya and Pakistan-2

The attack in Kenya was a surprise for that country's government and they were not expecting it and do not have the experience to dealing with terrorists. But for Pakistan I cannot say for sure that is the case. Since the religious minorities (even Muslim minorities) are being attacked regularly, there could not have been any excuse for the lapse of security arrangements at the Church. Pakistan prides itself on being a nuclear state but is unable to provide security to its minority citizens and also sometimes majority too. The only thing done for these attack victims is some condolences, condemnation and some compensation, prevention and deterrence is never on the mind of leaders and the excuses keep on getting lame, like we did not know it and we cannot put the cops everywhere. Just say that you cannot protect the minorities and then they can make their own arrangements (which they already know). I wrote a long time ago that a state which is unable to provide security to its citizens does not need to exist and is only there merely to see that it exists in name only and that is what is happening in Pakistan. Slowly and steadily the state's authority is being chipped away by the same people whom it support (and allegedly still support) in pursuit of gaining an upper hand in Afghanistan and Kashmir (which they are still denying till they turn blue). I was hesitant to write about it but how long can you keep quiet when even some analysts in Pakistan have started to question what is going on.

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