Tuesday, September 24, 2013

World of Finance: Internet Job Portals-2

I know that by now every country with an internet connection has internet job portals where you can view the jobs and click on it and send your resume but trust me that the old fashion way of finding a job and going on an interview still is the major part of finding a job. The internet just gives you a false sense of hope and maybe you can see the jobs but only 20 percent of what is available and that too is so highly specialized that unless you fall exactly into the criteria you don’t have any chance of even getting a call or a thank you note from the company saying that they will get back to you after they review your resume. It is easy to sit on your behind and send hundreds of resumes in less than 10 minutes but finding a job that you like or sometimes any job right now is not an easy task. Whereas these internet job websites have made us easier to look jobs but at the same time it has made us lazy and complacent because to find a job you have to cover so many basis and follow so many leads that internet alone would not do the job (believe me when I say this because I have been unemployed twice and I know how hard it is to look for a job just by utilizing the internet alone). So you can utilize the internet and post your resume on it but don’t count on it to be your sole method of finding a job.

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