Sunday, September 8, 2013

The allergies we all have

We have become an allergic nation, and we have been overrun with it, especially the food allergies that we find in our kids. The peanuts allergies have become the worst as now most of the schools are peanut or nut free and there is a separate section in the cafeteria where the peanut allergic kids eat their lunch. Even some airlines have now become nut free since there are so many kids being diagnosed with it. And it is not only peanut allergies that I am talking about but other kind of allergies like whey, wheat, sesame seeds, milk and other kinds where some people immune system cannot tolerate these kinds of things. I don’t know where these kinds of allergies are coming from but when I was growing up I never heard any kid having these kinds of allergies. And every kid could eat anything and the parents would not have to worry about if the kid will have any reaction to food allergies. And if the food allergies were the only ones we should have to deal with, we have our own allergies to content with and it has nothing to do with food but with other things like slow drivers on the fast lane, very slow drivers in any lane, cameras on stops, outrageous bills, low or stagnant pay, lousy movies, sick during your vacation time, annoying customers, sitting in the doctor’s office, going through the security lines at the airport. These are some of the allergies I have mentioned above and I am sure there will be lot more for every individual.

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