Tuesday, September 3, 2013

In search of topics

I have been writing my blog since the end of October 2009 and until now I have done almost 1750 posts and sometimes it becomes really hard to figure out what to write. But after a few days I am able to get my thoughts together and start thinking about topics to discuss and what is happening around me. But really sometimes it becomes hard to think about what your views and opinions are after reading an article that you think will interest you and your readers. I mean what may seem interesting to me may or may not be interesting to my readers and what applies to the U.S. (where I live) may or may not apply to where my readers live. But usually I try to write stuff which is of interest to all my viewers and this also includes what I do in my daily life or when I am on vacation where I am going I try to give account of what I have experienced. But in order to keep on writing, there should not be any dearth of topics since the world is constantly changing and events are happening all the time. Plus I will be introducing new topics which are not one off posts but a whole series of posts that people can enjoy and learn from. And one of these topic series will be about the financial world where I will be discussing the latest happening in the world of financial and how people can save and earn more since I believe the knowledge of finance is woefully inadequate right now. So new topics will be cropping up very shortly.

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