Monday, September 9, 2013

The chain wars-3

And are we finished with these wars. I don’t think so because recently I read that a politician was saying that attacking Syria will give a clear signal to Iran not to pursue its weapons program. Why have we become such a moral authority that we are dictating for other people what to do and what not to do. We, the United States don’t have any money to sustain one war and we are constantly getting into one after another and who knows that even if we happen to attack Syria and the situation does not change there, we might have to send our war weary troops on the ground then we would be real deep trouble because Syria is like a combustion that is ready to explode and it will provide more jihadist to go there to fight the Americans. Right now the jihadist are fighting the Syrian regime whom they think is not Islamic enough how would you know that after getting rid of them they would not turn on any occupying force (if we happen to send troops there) even if they are the benefactors. And by all accounts, the limited strikes would not do that much damage to the Syrian regime anyway. But again why are getting into one war after another and still want to get into more since we are more morally right than other countries. Why does not the so called Arab league do something since they are also pushing to strike one of their own? Again this addiction to wars has to stop because we cannot keep on rescuing citizens of other war torn countries when the other rich nations keep on cheering on the sides and don’t spend much money and don’t send in their forces to fight to liberate their new found causes.

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