Wednesday, September 18, 2013

On the Business path: An introduction-2

Most of the people become scared when they hear that only less than five percent of the business survives the first year of their creation and the rest are relegated to history. But even with these statistics to scare the living daylights out of you, have the creation of the business stopped. I mean for every 95 percent failure, does this mean that only five percent businesses are created with the intent that they will be successful. No, businesses are being created every day and very few people despite seeing many businesses fail, are eager to try to own their business. Don’t ever ask somebody who is employed by some company if they wish to go on their own because most probably they are quite glued to their jobs and don’t want to sacrifice their weekends and vacation to make it on their own, even though they may be working sixteen hours a day and also working on the weekend but for somebody else. You know people become doctors (one of the most difficult fields professionally) and they conquer so many other professions but when it comes to starting your own business, they shy away from even committing the same amount of time and energy. This attitude may have many reasons, namely the family pressure whether they are your parents or your spouse, statistics, uncertainty, fear of taking risks, upbringing culture and just plain laziness (at the end). I believe that, not to belittle the hard work that other professions do in order to achieve greatness, owning a business is on the top of my list in terms of hard work and sheer riskiness.

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