Thursday, September 12, 2013

On the business path-2

So this is the second series that I will be introducing in my blog which you will read on a regular basis. I am not an expert in how to run a business but I know a thing or two so that I can share by experience and expertise if you happen to go to that path in your quest to become successful. Every business has different risks, opportunities, barriers to entry, hurdles, regulation and to tell you in advance that what I write here will not be specific to a particular business but will be generalized because every business person encounters different situations and problems depending on the type of business they pursue. Owning and running a business is not easy task as you may have seen people rather work for somebody, show up for work and then go home to come another day. A salaried person work finishes when his day finishes with a certain number of hours (usually eight) but for the business person there are no set hours to follow. And it is this distinction that makes them earn more money. More hours to work during the week and still more to do on the weekend. So while the salaried people enjoy their weekend with their families and going to grocery shopping or the mall, doing chores around the house, going to the park or the sea shore or enjoy other activities since they think that they deserve it. All the while the new business owner is trying to find ways to grow their business. Even when the business owner is outside during the weekend, all he/she is thinking is how to grow the business, how to increase customers, create brand awareness, and increase revenues and what not. In his/her sleeping and waking hours, all the thinking is being done in terms of how his/her business needs to grow to a certain level. All this will be discussed when this series starts shortly. So stay tuned and enjoy this new series because it will be informative, entertaining and will contain many lessons for would be owners.

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