Thursday, September 5, 2013

Regrets of life

I am sure that everybody has regrets in life of what they have done or achieved or what they could have avoided in the first place. And I have many regrets in my life (which right now I am not comfortable to elaborate online) but anyway regrets are part of being a human being. The regrets you have may start to crop up when you are at an age where you reflect upon what you should not have done at a certain point in time based on what you know right now. Like when you came out of college, you may regret that how much you paid for your education by the loans that you took out which was unnecessary now since you are able to pay or secure a job with enough income to pay the loans back with interest plus your living expenses. This is the biggest regret that I have been reading on the internet who took out huge loans to pay for education which is not paying them enough due to the economy and other circumstances. And this regret of taking out huge amount of students’ loan reverberates throughout their lives, as they are unable to secure well paying jobs, delay marrying and starting a family and then buy their new starter house. Then another regret related to it is if we would have gone to a good college or choose a major which is more in demand or more still listen to your parents advice and not follow your dreams to the max without realizing how are you survive on your dream.

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