Friday, September 20, 2013

The beauty pageant

You may have seen beauty pageant being held year in and year out with the naming of anything after the word Miss and then they are quizzed on some issue and expect to get the politically correct answer so that it does not show that they are only choosing the contestants based on looks. And sometimes it does succeed, but after seeing so many of them and then abandoning them long time ago, I don’t really understand the need to have one. I mean I have seen more stunning women on the streets and in other countries and other places than the one chosen in these pageants. And if the criteria are that you have to beautiful and somewhat smart then the criteria is wrong. Since you can be average looking and be smart too. But since the word beauty has been inserted into the pageant that is how the things are. And why is that they have to slim in order to complete, to be truthful I have seen very stunning woman who are not as slim as these pageant contestants are and these pageants only judge girls (women?!) who are willing and able to contest. What about the ones who are unwilling and unable to contest and they are even more beautiful, would they be excluded just because they refuse to show their bodies for the world to judge them. Just so that everybody starts thinking that this guy is some religious fanatic (which I am not) I want to clarify that this beauty pageant is pure entertainment and like all entertainment you would have to suspend your belief and just see it what it is a minuscule group of "beauties" competing for a meaningless title that does not prove anything (except for the contestants maybe).

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