Friday, September 27, 2013

The terror attacks in Kenya and Pakistan-3

The poor Pakistanis who don’t have anywhere to go keep on suffering the brunt of these bombs every now and then but the politicians and the security forces don’t give a damn about, if you look at past history of this unfortunate country. With so much potential before, now is just surviving on the narrative of nuclear weapons and suicide bombs. The government and the security forces have both miserably failed to protect the people, how can the people trust them to protect them if somebody attacks from outside. But you already know the answer since the U.S. came and took out Osama Bin Laden and nobody was insight to protect the borders (or was it all in the knowhow nobody knows). And the politicians still want to talk peace with these so called "true Warriors" of Islam who will not leave any opportunity unturned as their various announcements and press releases say from time to time. That these Taliban has explicitly said that they are at war Pakistan and its army and any target is a fair one and If you can't get a clear narration like that you are like see no evil and hear no evil. And I don’t see any end to it since the seed that was sown many decades ago has come to bear fruit and the so called asset of Pakistan in fight the so called "infidels" have turned on them and they will not stop until they achieve what they want, while the government and the security forces make half hearted efforts to keep themselves alive. Although there has been protest going on in Pakistan regarding this bombing but nothing will come out of it until the next big news and thus lives goes on.

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