Monday, September 16, 2013

World of Finance: Job fairs-Do they really work?-2

By the tone of my posts, you must have imagined how upset I am and you bet I am about it. From my experience, job fairs are nothing by give you a little hope to the unemployed people while at the same time, the politicians can point out that they have done their part of organizing these job fairs. But if you really want to show somebody you are doing something, you go to a job fair since there is nothing the people standing near their employer booths (a table and some card board of their company's name plus some brochure about what they do) can do to help but you give you their brochure, smile and then direct you to their website. Most of the information they are providing is already on the internet (even all of the information plus more) and the jobs that they are advertising is not even worth the consideration since they are not there to conduct an interview but collect the resumes. I just suspect that the companies represented at these job fairs have been coerced into coming to it by the politicians and elected officials to show to their voters that they are doing something about the unemployed people and then they washed off their hands. One of my friends told me that he had gone to such fairs as a recruiter because their company has made commitment long time ago and they were there just to collect the resumes. It is rare that somebody will get recruited right away in the fairs.

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