Sunday, September 1, 2013

Everybody craves a brand name-2

And for all the complaining about how the brand costs more money, people tend to gravitate to the brand name once they enter the store, although the price then deters them from actually acting on their impulse. But if you happen to notice that in handbags, jewelry and watches there is a incredible amount of imitation and fakery going on which feeds the needs of the not so wealthy people. There is huge market for it and some of the fault lies on the door steps of the brand names that have made their products so expensive, exclusive and desirable that an opportunity has come to exist where you can imitate these brands with cheap material and make it look like it is a product of their company. Then the company says that why there are so many imitations and fake products. Brand names have a market way beyond what the brand cater to the exclusive clientele. Although some brands have started to make lower price products of their top quality ones in order to capture the demand of the middle class people but they are loathe shedding the exclusivity of their products. There is too much money to be made in terms of exclusivity and they will never let go off their brands being mainstream. And in turn there is too much money to be made by ripping off brand products and create knockoffs since the market there is bigger than the one for the brand name products. So this cat and mouse game will continue between the brand names and the knockoffs since everybody craves a brand name.

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