Monday, September 9, 2013

The chain wars-2

And while we even did not finish that one, another war was thrust on us in the shape of Libya. Although Libya was a joint European effort involving France and other Non American countries but since they did not have the extensive logistics that the U.S. have, the U.S. had to provide it to them so we got indirectly involved in it (but thankfully we did not send troops on the ground). Now that we were done with our war in Iraq and trying to leave Afghanistan with as little or no troops by the end of 2014, we have again found ourselves getting involved in Syria due to alleged chemical weapons use by that country's government (not proven conclusively yet so that is why I said allegedly). And we are cautious enough this time to involve Congress to authorize the use of force, although the U.S. public remains opposed to any military action. It looks like everybody else in the world is looking towards the U.S. to do these strikes and really I am sick and tired of the U.S being the Policeman of the world while our deficit and debt is getting out of control and we have so many financial problems that we don’t want to distract ourselves with this another war. This is what I call chain wars where you have not finished the one war you are in and trying to start another war with even less money on hand than before. Why can't the world take care of their own problems and let the U.S. take care of its own first?

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