Friday, September 27, 2013

The terror attacks in Kenya and Pakistan

As you have already know by now or if you happen to close your eyes and don’t want to hear anything gory or sad, there were two terror attacks this week in two different parts of the world, in two different countries located on two different continents. The first one was in Nairobi, Kenya where some terrorists attacked an upscale mall and fought pitched battle with the military and after three days of fighting the government announced in Kenya that the Mall is now in their hands with more than 70 people dead and several attackers killed or captured. It was definitely a surprise attack by the affiliate of Al-Qaeda in Somalia called As-Shabab. And the other one was in Pakistan (as usual) on a church in which more than 80 people who came to the church to worship were killed. Very sad indeed and highly condemnable and deplorable. Two different attacks, two different motives but the same reason to attack innocent victims who have nothing to do with the motives. The first one is that in Kenya, the group claiming responsibility is saying that they are avenging the Muslims who are killed in the occupation of Somalia by the multinational forces stationed there to restore peace, and the one in Pakistan is saying that they are protesting the drone attacks on their members who are getting killed. In each case the Christian who are not even remotely related to the conflict were killed without mercy like the narration that the terrorists say that Muslims are getting killed like that but are they and does two wrongs make it one right?

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