Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The war on terror-Pakistan 0, Terrorists 1 (or more)-2

My readers in other parts of the world will ask me why I keep on writing about Pakistan all the time. The reason are manifold, among them, it is a nuclear armed state with a dangerous insurgency going on its two of four provinces and the rest of the country is not even peaceful. It is at a time, war with India, the U.S., its own people. It has a restive population which does not see any future for themselves and their children. All the world powers are inherently interested in the survival of this country, except the rich citizens who have already made arrangement for their alternative residences. This country use to have a great potential of becoming the next Japan with its rich resources and huge potential but now it is just on survival mode. Nothing seems to be working correctly and if it tries too then there are enough people to pull that correctness down the drain. The U.S with all the anti Americanism (fuelled by hard line clerics, ultra nationalists, military and the government) is trying to make sure that this country does not fall apart but when can you do when the citizens are not even interested anymore. No lights, water and corruption rampant with crime out of control and insurgency going on two provinces and government's authority eroding every day, people who have the means or even without one are making sure that they escape this chaotic land of the pure (which the mean of Pakistan is by the way). So keep on checking back as I decipher this land which is rapidly descending into a land of human despair and misplace extremism.

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