Thursday, September 12, 2013

The revelations about surveillance-2

Times have changed and so do the surveillance tactics. You know I will be the first one to dislike the government being spying on me and checking all my emails, phone calls, my internet surfing habits, my television viewing, my regular mail and even my face to face conversation but tell me what can you do to put a stop to it. Can we unplug our selves from all this. Yeah right that will be the day. Every day I see people playing or looking at their smart phones and tablets (mostly smart phones) and even for a few minutes like in the elevator or just walking, they cannot put it down since it has become so much addiction. And with social media exploding, people want to connected and have already surrendered their privacy to the companies running the internet websites. So this surveillance will keep on increasing and government will have a treasure trove of data to find out who is a threat to them. But it is not only our government that does the spying (although we have unintentionally acknowledged it now) but all the countries of the world spy on their citizens while not acknowledging it outright. We may have the biggest one but surely other countries relative to their sizes may have bigger ones too and they not only spy on their citizens but on industrial secrets, so nobody is angel in this game. We can express as much outrage as we can but to tell you the truth, it was always there and always will be no matter how much disgusted we feel about it and unless we unplug ourselves and live in caves there is no escaping this fact.

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  1. Yes i agree with the fact that common people have been monitored by the intelligence agencies since time immeorial but the latest leaked CIA files suggest that the US has spied on Brazilian president.this makes it a totally differnet kind of privacy breach.a concept that has been alien to us in the past.