Monday, September 2, 2013

Fancy titles, lousy Paycheck

If you have noticed that jobs are coming now with fancy titles but the paycheck remains lousy. It is more about being politically correct than being a change of heart kind of situation. For example not too long ago a janitor was just being called a janitor but now if you happen to come upon a title like Sanitation engineer it means the same thing but the paycheck is the same. Add to this you can say that there can be plumbing engineer and electrician technician or engineer or something like that. Another thing is that you create a post called the Vice President for some fancy job but it is the same job with a different name but you just get the title and your pay remains the same. But here you can brag or make envious to your friends about your title meanwhile you are in the same financial situation. And this situation is getting worse each day with companies giving fancier and unusual titles to people to make them look more authoritative while in fact it is the same job with the same pay scale you are doing but at least your ego is boosted (which unfortunately does not pay your bills). I like having titles but to show to other people that you have a fancy title do not solve the financial situation one bit. I would rather have more money than having a title that does not do justice to my financial situation. Time to come back to earth and deal with the real titles and work that you really do than to make you look more larger than life than you are actually.

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