Monday, September 23, 2013

On the Business path: Full time vs. Part time-4

That is why you see young people on the internet starting their businesses because they are new and have no responsibilities like taking care of their mortgages, car loans, families and so they can take more risk if they want to and they do. But that does not mean that a person with responsibilities cannot own or run a business, it is just that he/she has to see what kind and what type he/she can run a business and the time and emotional and financial effort he/she can put in. It is obvious that a family person with responsibilities would not risk everything without trying to see if he/she can earn some money while he is pursuing his/her business venture. If you work the regular hours like from nine to five (or even more than that), you can work on the weekends but you have to make sure that you have time for your family too because if you don’t and then there will be constant tension in your family. But you can still pursue your passion if this is really you want to do but then you will have to sacrifice your sleep and social life while you are wetting your feet. My take on this is that if you are family man do it on the side like part time, despite all the other advices of experts, going full time without emergency funds and sacrificing all that comes with it like family life, finances etc, will completely burn you out and then you will regret that you took that step.

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