Friday, September 13, 2013

The war on terror from Pakistan's view

Since Pakistan is crucial for any U.S. (and NATO) withdrawal from Afghanistan as most of the equipment leaving Afghanistan has to come through road to the port city of Karachi, we need to see how that country's confused policy has created a weak government response to the almost daily bombings that are occurring there. A crucial meeting happened lately between all the parties (and there are numerous of them) to discuss the strategy of peace negotiations with the Taliban. And it was decided that they should get out of the war on terror which all parties believe that it is not there war and it has been thrust on them by the Americans or so the majority of the views goes in that country. So here is my problem, if they say that it is America's war than all the so called forty thousand people (which is the rough estimate claimed by the Pakistan that have died fighting and getting blown up since 2001) died for nothing. And for this matter, you will hardly find any monument or mourning for these thousands of people since for the living these people died in an "American war" and so life goes on for the rest of them. It is really pathetic that people who have died are not remembered and they don’t even know how many people have died since statistics are used as a secret and now they are ready to talk to Taliban and even at this point they don’t know which Taliban to talk to since there are so many splinter groups and don’t know if the talks will be successful enough so that everybody will be happy and peace will break out in the country. So stay tuned as we see what happens next in that part of the world.

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  1. There is a phrase ig you can t control them,join them.If the mighty US and its NATO allies are initiating peacetalks with taliban then pakistan opting for a diplomatic way to end the conflict isn t much of a surprise!