Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Introducing two new series-3

The other series I will be introducing will be called "On the business path" and it will detail my own as well as the business side of what you should or not do based on what I have experienced, read, heard and taught over the years. As some of you business owners know and many others who don’t own a business know that running a business is a complicated and exhausting process with many uncertainties along the way. No one day is similar to before. If it has pitfalls then it also has rewards. It can have good days and bad days and the biggest one of the uncertainty is that it can fail due to multiple factors like bankruptcy, slow sales, competition, slowing economy, fraud, overhead costs, wrong business decisions and countless others which you cannot anticipate in advance. This series will give an insight of how I will be going along growing my business and also tell you the how to grow yours or start one if you have the inclination to do so. Mainly this one will be more about how to go handle a business and you would definitely find my own side of what I am doing for the business venture. I know that these two series will help deal with people's financial experience and education. It is not all exhaustive since you can find way more information on other websites but it is my own view without any corporate sponsorship but even if I had one I would still provide an unbiased approach to what I think should be done right. It is just my opinion and if you feel like you don’t agree with it, just leave your comments and consult a professional and licensed person. In order for me to do this, I need your monetary support in the form of donations of any amount so that I may succeed in this endeavor and provide you free and interesting insight to the fascinating world of finance and business.

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