Thursday, September 12, 2013

On the business path

When you hear somebody is a businessperson or owns a business the first thing that comes to mind is how rich he/she could be. And indeed when you happen to know one or have visited their houses you feel awe and sometimes jealous and envious of how much money they are making as compared to you in your salaried job and then you feel like you should have your own business and live comfortably. These are very envious thoughts and it should be encouraged but have you for a moment think about how much effort had been put into a particular business that is now making their owner's living comfortable? Why do the business people make more money than regular salaried person and is it right to become jealous of these business people when you are thinking that you working hard but not going anywhere in your life except to live pay check to pay check and living on the financial edge literally. I have been writing about business for a long time (almost four years now) but this is the first time I will be writing about what business people really face when building a company. Although I do own a business (a dormant one to say since I have all the ingredients to start right away) and as such I can say for sure that it will not only be my experience that you will be reading but also other businesses that face similar and not to similar situations on the way to owning a successful business.

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