Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Introducing two new series

I am excited to introduce two new series in my blog which you would hopefully find interesting and entertaining. As you know I have been writing my blog since October 2009 and now in its fourth year have grown to more than 1700 posts and hopefully reach 2000 posts this year. With the addition of these two new series I hope to write more and increase the post frequency. And if you have been a frequent visitor to my blog you are already know that I have two long ongoing series one being called "'On the lighter side- Travel" and the other one called "On the lighter side-Movies". The movies one is very frequent but the travel is not that frequent (due to financial constraints although I love to travel and see new places). But the new ones I will be introducing, you may have been familiar with it too since I use to post infrequently throughout my blog. But after reading and analyzing so much reading, I have come to the conclusion that there is a need to deal with the financial inadequacy of the U.S. public and also many people around the world who are clueless about what goes on in the financial world which is of utmost important to all the people alike. But as you already know that there are numerous websites out there and shows on television and newspapers, magazines devoted solely to the happenings and going on in the financial world and I thought why not I put my own perspective to this crucial world of finance.

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