Saturday, September 7, 2013

Outrageous labor costs-3

This labor costs looked nice a few decades ago but in order to be competitive we need to make it come down not to force other countries to raise theirs in order for them to be competitive. I also read not to while ago that ninety six percent of the apparel that we buy is not made in the United States due to high costs and also nobody wants to work in factories. I have often heard people say that to kids that if they earn some money, they are putting in their college fund and the kids reply yes without knowing that college is now overblown stuff. But probably you must be thinking if my kid will also go to college and the answer is yes but apart from that I want my kid to have practical experience also which is actually lacking in colleges (trust me I know that since I have been in college for too long). I can understand that going to college to important and learning different subjects give you a good sense of different fields but really do you want to major in English, history, languages and other humanities and art courses and then complain about not finding a job in these finds. It is fine to do this when you don’t have to worry about your college bills and not doing anything later on in life, but for most of the people the college expenses are a reality and they have to find a job to not only pay these college bills but also have living expenses.

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