Thursday, September 26, 2013

Are any drugs safe?

I don’t know of any drug that is made for a specific sickness and nothing else. This thinking came to my mind when I was watching a movie but also when I go to the pharmacy store and I see any medicine and it says side effects of every kind and also don’t take it if you have something related disease. Even for a minor medicine about headache, there are several side effects that the manufacturers list that may give an ordinary person a pause before using it. And from this we can say that no drug is safe from side effects because it is first of all made by human beings who are flawed creatures and second of all the human body is so complex that if you try to treat one symptom, you inadvertently messes up the healthy genes and so one disease is treated but the side effects of it can be anywhere in your body. I don’t mean to scare everybody so that they should stop taking any drug because of the side effects. Because if you do that your symptom will not go away just because you are afraid that you will get hit by that side effects. Maybe the manufacturers want to make sure that they don't get hit with a lawsuit because they did not warn it on their labels. But usually the drugs are considered safe until something happens. But as long as you know the side effects, you don’t have any other choice but to take these flawed medicines into your system in order to cure your present disease or sickness

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