Friday, September 13, 2013

World of Finance-Job fairs- Do they really work

If you have seen my posts about my adventures in Job fair attendance, you will get an idea about how upset I was when I attended two or three of them. Okay everybody has different experiences regarding what it is like to attend and what expectation one should have. I was unemployed (two times) and during my long bout with unemployment, it becomes obvious that when you are desperate, you will want to avail any opportunity to get some job leads. I knew that I would really be wasting my time attending one but since sitting at home and sending my resume via internet (another topic, another post) would not do and also to show to my wife that I was doing something to get a job, I decided to join this sorry excuse to get a job band wagon. When I started I had the lowest expectation there could be but I was wrong, since it was worse than that. Standing in your suit in heat and with long lines lasting somewhat one hour was not my cup of finding a job and it was for so many other people too. Whenever I approached a desk for some job opportunity, they were just collecting resumes and directing me to their website. If I wanted to do that, I was already way ahead of them in this field. I do not know if it is me or something else but I did not see any kind of enthusiasm on peoples' faces. And the way it was being conducted was like we are living in an age without internet.

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