Friday, September 13, 2013

Blind Patriotism-2

These ultra nationalists are so blinded by patriotism that they are ready to go to war with any country that they believe is belittling them. And you know that the whole history of the world is full of examples where one nation has asserted or to assert supremacy on another country and lost countless people in the process but they still are adamant that they did the right thing. This nationalistic superiority is without question is bad for a country but if you have some people controlling the policies of the country based on their extremists nationalistic views then it can only sow damage and destruction. We in the United States also have this sort of people who are called ultra conservatives who believe that the U.S. should be the Police man of the world even if we don’t have the money. They believe that they have been given divine rights to fix the problem of the world (usually by force). This blind patriotism leads to decisions which cannot be called rationale in any way and it clouds the minds to alternative which may not be as patriotic but more practical. But if you suggest one, you are obviously branded a traitor since the ultra nationalists don’t want to hear or listen to anything which clashes with their nationalistic view of how things should be done. Nobody is perfect and it so it goes with a country too since the country is made up of people who make decisions which can be right or wrong. And this blind patriotism has been the cause of many wars and agony and killings and I believe that it will continue to be so because decisions are done with heart and not with mind.

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