Monday, September 16, 2013

The bullying culture

You know despite all the efforts of government officials, politicians, parents and school people, bullying lives on in our culture and also in other cultures, although the other cultures have not had the same kind of publicity and effort that people in the U.S. have done in order to prevent this from happening. But I was reading about a seventh grader in Florida who committed suicide because of the constant harassment on the internet by the school mates in the school where the victim attended. ( I am not going to reveal the name, gender and what was the reason because it is not my intent here to mention the whole case), but I can say that there is a systematic culture of bullying which has moved from being physical in school to the social media. And it is more dangerous since the parents and school officials can hardly keep up with the constant apps and other websites on the internet that contribute to this factor. I know that people are busy in their lives and are totally exhausted when they come home to even know what is going on in the social media and the kids are trying to hide from their parents what is going on in their lives, but still it is the parents’ job to keep track of their kid’s activities. But in order to do that the whole culture of bullying should stop. Bullying is not confined to schools but since the kids are not adults, they are the most vulnerable of all.

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