Saturday, September 7, 2013

Outrageous labor costs-2

Although I know that they told me the cost separately from the oil change and I agreed to it but when the whole invoice came out, I was shocked to see that apart from the sales tax (another tax as you may have seen my previous post on Middle Class), there was the costs of parts and the labor one was the biggest one which was bigger than all the other categories in the bill. If you happen to go to a private workshop, you will see that the rates for labor are in the range of USD 65-75 per hour. And then they say that the jobs are disappearing from the United States due to low manufacturing costs in other countries. I am just stunned that how much the labor costs and the people who go to college (I am not saying that the mechanics do not since they also have rigorous training to do that stuff), but still we waste ( I should say it by now) four years of our productive lives in college and then if finances permit go to graduate school and still would not make that kind of money per hour. I don’t know how much these workers are paid but by the amount of time in two hours they make like USD 65.00 per hour, but this are my point why this is so expensive. Although it is labor intensive but come on, the people in the office looks nice and use their brains (not to say that the mechanics don’t do that ) to do their job and don’t get down and dirty but still get the people in the nice offices don’t get paid that much. It is a huge amount and even with all the talk of loss of manufacturing jobs we forget how much we pay our labors.

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