Sunday, September 1, 2013

Everybody craves a brand name

Whether you like it or not, everybody loves a brand name even when they know that they cannot afford it. They want to be part of the it crowd and they want to tell people that they can afford it even that means have a fake of it in their hands. And I know this for sure since (although I am not judging anybody by their appearance) I travel by train to my work place and have seen increasing number of women carrying super luxury brand name handbags (you know what names they are) like it is on sale. And if you have been reading my posts before and how the middle class is struggling, believe me when I say that these women cannot afford the bags which maybe one month’s mortgage on a house. But I saying here is that no matter what the socio economic status of a person, all want to have a brand name handbag, suites, ties, shoes and what have you. As you know I also love a brand name although financial constraints and prudence demand that I look for a lesser kind of brand or even store name item. But as much as you want to avoid the brand name, there is no doubt that they are better made once you use it and compare it with the store brand. Although you would still be able to eat the same thing but there is something that the brand names have that store or in-house brand does not have. And it is not they are just brand names but also if you look a little bit closely they are better made also.

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