Wednesday, September 18, 2013

On the Business path: An introduction

As promised a few days ago, this is the second series I am introducing and it is regarding your decision or otherwise how to start a business and the trial and tribulations and agony and ecstasy that you will face as you go along. Just to be clear from the start, that I am not an expert on business creation or what is involved in it. Far from it, I am a novice but who have read so many books and read so many articles that some of you may not have the time or the inclination to go through it. And as I said that since I already own a dormant business, I know a thing about it too. But please don’t rely on my advice as you will see infinite number of articles on how to start a business. This series is just my input of how a business should be created and run. It is not meant to be taken as the final word but just for very introductory phase of creating and running a business. Maybe when I am educating you on how to create and run a business I will learn something new each time since you learn more by teaching others. Anyway to start with if you are ready for a business, you should know your strength and weaknesses. Not everybody can start a business or cares about it, the evidence being so many people being in the employment of other companies. Even when my wife, when I discuss with her, she says that she does not know that if the business will be successful and if I have the knowhow, ability and the patience to be a business owner, but if you don’t try it how would you know otherwise.

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