Tuesday, September 24, 2013

World of Finance: Internet Job Portals

I have mixed results on this medium of looking for a job. I mean I have got my present job and the past ones through accidentally being on some internet job sites but the overall impression I have is that it is just one of the tools to get your job and not a major one at that since as some research suggests that more than 70 percent of the jobs are never advertised and are filled internally. And the biggest disadvantage is that you become complacent since it is just a click up. You upload your resume and once you are registered on a website, you can see what jobs you like or have experience in or even if you don’t have experience in and you start sending it rapidly and the answer comes back from the website that it has been sent but sometimes you never get any response from the company. And with these job portals, the human resources departments have become smarter too as they insert key words in the system to make sure that they get the person with the right experience. And if the key words do not match, the resumes are deleted or do not even show up when these departments search the internet. Believe me when I say that I have tried the above and it does not work. Since it is as easy to send your resumes via internet, it is as easy for the human resources department computers to delete you so even though you may have a false sense of sending your resumes to thousands of companies, don’t expect them to call you back sometimes never.

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