Monday, September 9, 2013

Replace dreams with a dose of reality

I wrote long time ago about what it means to follow your dreams and why dreams don’t pay your bills if you don’t have a backup. It is that the dreams can be followed but with a healthy dose of reality and if you believe that on the way to achieving your dream you will bankrupt yourself, alienate your loved ones, destroy your health and still are as far away as the next solar system from ours then it is time to abandon your dreams. I also have a dream to have a successful business and my blog to reach thousands if not millions per day and I should be financially secure but in order to pursue that dream, I am not abandoning my regular job but struggling to make my dreams come true while providing financially for my family. And it is not that I can only do it but you can keep your dream but be realistic about your financial situation. And we are in a situation right now that you don’t want your kids to accumulate huge college debt and then in order to pursue their dreams add more debt while that elusive dreams consumes their precious productive time. Again I reiterate here as I have been doing all along that dreams does not pay your bills and or your bills are not put on hold while you pursue your dreams or passion. And while you are at it don’t be shy to ask your friends and family to help you in pursuing your dreams, you never know where the opportunity comes from.

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