Saturday, September 7, 2013

Outrageous labor costs-4

The world is a different place now and labor costs are coming down due to internet and automation and then we see here that a living wage protest is going on (more on that later in another post) because people are unable to afford to pay their expenses and have to rely on government subsidies and grants (in turn taxing the already heavily taxed taxpayers). And what will this increase do but to further increase other costs and putting more people out of a job since more people will apply to it reducing the demand for the job. I mean everything has become so expensive because the wages have become stagnant but the price of stuff is going up every now and then. It is imperative that labor costs come down otherwise more and more jobs will be going overseas (and they are already for which figures are not shown/released). And if it were not for the affordable clothes imported from other countries, we would be all bankrupt by now and it is not just clothes but every other thing that is made in cheap labor countries that keep our living expenses somewhat in check but that finishes really fast when you have to factor in the local labor costs. Even if you want to have some plumbing or electric work done the amount of just coming out to check out what is wrong is USD 75.00 and if they work then you get a bill with which if it is not plumbing related you can buy a new replacement thing. I mean how long will these outrageous labor costs last?

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