Saturday, May 17, 2014

World of finance: The complex balancing act of saving-2

Some people save it to buy a house with money going towards down payment and some save it for some awesome vacation with placing a jar somewhere in the house and any change at the end of the day going towards putting it in that jar. And some save because of the unexpected expenses they may encounter while they live in their houses. But only so much you can save as your income gets consumed by all the bills that don’t stop because you are income is lower or you don’t have one since whatever you have consumed, you will definitely get a bill for it, which most of us either don’t realize or don’t care but when they receive the bills they become angry. As like most of the people, I try to save but it is really not that possible when you have debt and so many competing interests that take away your earned income. Every individual and every family faces this balancing act of saving and there are no easy answers. Everybody has to follow their own saving behavior based on how much they are earning and what percentage of that earning if any will be saved and how that saving will be divided among different priorities. It is easy for people who are rich enough that their savings cover every possible need but as your income level goes down, it becomes hard to fund every possible wish list you have and then some wishes remain that way and some gets fund to the minimum or even less than that. And if your income barely covers your expenses, then all this talk about savings from countless financial advisers and other well wishers is useless to you since you are barely keeping up.

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