Friday, May 16, 2014

The case of a nine month suspected killer in Pakistan-2

The story did not end there as the suspended cops recanted their story and said it was not the nine month old but another toddler responsible for the crime. Well after all the hue and cry, the case has gone away and everybody got their sanity checked. But I guess not as another case of Graffiti (also called wall chalking in Pakistan) violation was slapped against a 15 month old baby, although it is will go away very fast as the embarrassment for the government is too much and people have started to make fun of the police and the judiciary system where the baby was finger printed and booked and then bailed out by a person no less than a judge. How much stupidity can you accept in a person who is accusing a nine month old baby of attempted murder and other crimes? And this is the same place where the government has surrendered to the militants and is in talks with them to please spare them of more bombings. It is the fault of the government that they have purposely not invested in education and keeps on hiring illiterate, uneducated and devoid of any logic police and judiciary people who should be better off not hiring. But you know even if they hire educated people then still this will happen because of the rampant corruption going on in every sphere of life and the people are comfortable with it as it has not gone down any less since the reintroduction of the so called semi democracy (my term somewhat) in that country a few years ago.

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