Friday, May 30, 2014

Baby advice from the male's perspective

The other day I was talking to my niece about babies as she is expecting one and we started to talk about how I handled my own baby. She was saying everybody was giving her advice about what to expect and what should be done and we started talking about my own advice which was not advice but rather a discussion. Most of the mothers think that Fathers cannot handle a baby and to a point they are right but to dismiss them as not good at baby rearing should not be generalized. Although men are not naturally inclined to rear a baby as good as women does but once taught how to they will do just nearly fine. Although fathers are usually said that they can't handle babies and babies cannot be trusted with their fathers in terms of child rearing but it should not generalized that every father will act this way. Although I am not an exemplary father but I tried my best to take care of my baby. She was a good baby and did not wake up as at night but if she my wife would wake up and in some rare cases when she was tired, I use to wake up. Once I learned how to put on a diaper on the baby, whenever I was alone with the baby I used to clean the baby and put the diaper on. I also used to clean the milk bottles and feed her whenever my wife was not available. I understand that taking care of the baby is not easy as you have to been constantly on your guard to make sure the baby does not put something in her/his mouth and does not hurt themselves.

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