Saturday, May 31, 2014

On the lighter side-Travel-Walt Disney World®-14

After we went back to our room, a debate started whether we should go to the Disney's Animal kingdom or go to Universal Studio' tour. I and my daughter wanted to see the Universal Studios which we did not have tickets for and my wife wanted to see this newest attraction which we had tickets for. So after a long debate and after checking prices of Universal Studios, we decided it would be useless to waste tickets for Animal Kingdom and go there while the tour of Universal Studios was hopefully relegated to another time where we would not have to be really in the Disney Resort and whenever we come the only place we may go will be Disney's' Magic Kingdom. The next day was a hot day as compared to New York weather (we were blessed with nice weather all throughout our trip) and after eating our breakfast ventured to the bus stand to take us to the Animal Kingdom. The rush was usual but not that much if you would have gone in summer and after checking our bags, we went to the stand where the maps were located to chart out our strategy to go on which rides or attractions first. The first one was the wildlife express train, which as everybody by now knows love to travel on these trains in the theme parks. The train was made just like a safari train in yesteryears would be like with empty boxes and dilapidated but workable trains and wooden seats with no amenities. It was a small but fun ride which led us to conservation station where you were supposed to get out and check out how animals are being helped by humans for conservation purposes.

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