Friday, May 16, 2014

Some topics don’t deserve full length essays

Whenever I write about some topic I try to make sure I have enough stored in my head to keep going for a full essay length (usually beyond 250 words) to write about since I love to share my opinions about everything that interests me. But there are some topics which I avoid because they don’t deserve to get the full essay length treatment and it is useless to keep on going for no reason when you can give your opinion across in less than 250 words. There are many stories that I read and they are quite interesting but there comes a time you need to shut up and just have your opinion stated in a few simple words without going into much detail. I love to write and the longer to article the better but I don’t want to bore my readers into ranting on and on when I have already stated my point across. So with this intent in mind, I will start writing short essays on topics which interests me like I write about my opinion on movies which are less than even 100 words so I will put my own twists on things which are to the point and not that lengthy so that you can get a better grip on the topic while not wasting too much time on frivolous details that you may not be interested in. Although my preferred style will be still be the long ones but this will also be something that you should be looking forward to the short essays.

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